As water reflects the face, so one's life reflects the heart.

Proverbs 27:19

The mission of Reflections Women's Ministry is to  share Christ's love through God's Word, fellowship, friendships, and prayer while working on safe, meaningful relationships. 

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Women's Summer Bible Study

Through this 7 week Bible study, Hannah Anderson invites us to consider the wisdom of Ecclesiastes afresh as we search for a solid foundation for life under the sun. Together, we’ll learn to name our anxieties, concerns, and disappointments.
 We’ll discover how Ecclesiastes is more than self-help or good advice—how it frees us to ask the questions that Jesus Himself will eventually answer. And through its raw honesty and unflinching commitment to goodness,
we’ll find hope in the One who guides all days under the sun.

Life Under the Sun will challenge us to see life as God designed it and understand your hope is in Christ and walking in His ways. In the end, we pray you'll find goodness in the life God has given you.

Life Under the Sun will not meet on campus.  Instead, there are several opportunities for participation. Ladies can get a workbook and do the study on their own, or they can do the study individually while participating in group discussion through the Group Me chat app.  There will be a start/end date for ladies who want to participate in the GroupMe chat.  The study will begin the week of June 3rd and end the week of July 15th.  Participants will get on the GroupMe app at the end of each week and answer a discussion question from that week's homework.  We will all be able to read each other's answers.  
The last option of participation is for ladies to do the study in their own small groups with a few friends or neighbors.  Group Leader discussion guides are available for ladies who would like to study in a small group and are willing to lead discussion.  
There are no teaching videos included in this study.

If any questions arise or more resources are desired, please email Megan Shaffer at the link below.
HANNAH R. ANDERSON is an author and Bible teacher who lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Her books include Heaven and Nature Sing and Turning of Days: Lessons from Nature, Season, and Spirit. She also cohosts the Persuasion podcast, which addresses cultural, theological, and more mundane issues from a Christian perspective. Hannah’s goal is to encourage believers to think deeply and broadly about how the gospel transforms every area of life.