We are all on a journey, often finding ourselves standing at the
convergence of truth and its imitation. These convergent moments
have the power to alter our lives and impact God’s kingdom for
eternity. But, how do we decide in which direction to move?
Studying the journey of David, you will be challenged to apply godly
discernment by trusting God completely, to recognize the difference
between God’s truth and men’s advice, to realize the impact of their
decisions, and to surround yourselves with people who reinforce the
need for godly wisdom.
We will meet at The Underground from 7:00 - 8:30 PM, August 2nd - 5th.
We will have a snack, games, and Bible Study each night.
We will have a Zoom meeting & record the teaching each night for those not able to make it in person.
Sunday - Water balloon  Fight
Monday - TBD
Tuesday - TBD
Wednesday - Slip-n-Slide


Student Guidebook with Devotions
Recordings of the teachings will be posted the following day.