Christmas Eve SErvice


               This Christmas, we at FBC Forsyth want to focus our excitement of the holidays specifically on the person of Christmas, Jesus Christ, and the greatest of all institutions that reflect his nature, the family.  We want to focus our excitement on the person of Christ Jesus through a unique worship service that we conduct every Christmas Eve. 

               Our Christmas Eve service includes some component that would touch and minister to each age group of the family dynamic, with teaching that is age appropriate and songs that are universally linked to the miracle of Christmas.  Our purpose is unapologetically the very worship and adoration of Christ our King!  Yet, at the center of that worship is the emphasis of family.

               The first Christmas took place as the family of Joseph and Mary traveled a far distance to witness the birth that would change the world.  Research tells us that Christmas Eve is one of the few nights during the entire year that families gather together.  We want to make every effort to ensure that the families who gather with us experience a Christmas Eve that is like no other.

               So we want to come along side our families by providing a resource, a gift if you will, for each family present at our service that night that lends great insight as to what Christmas should be.  In addition, for every child (one per household please) that is in the fourth grade or younger, we have special gift that will help the entire family understand and incorporate the true meaning of Christmas.  In order to remember our special night together, we will have multiple photo opportunities for you to post and share with others like a nativity scene, large Christmas Tree, etc. 

               So if you plan on being home this Christmas, consider finding an extension of your home with us.  Stay home for the holidays at FBC Forsyth.  We look forward to seeing you here!